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Ahmad Dahlan Center for Dug Information and Testing


Drug abuse prevalence in Indonesia is increasing every year with most of the victims being school and university students. Based on the data, drug users in Indonesia reached 4 million in 2011, about one third of the users were introduced to drugs through smoking. To our alarm, a high number of students in Indonesia, including Yogya,  are active smokers. Drugs abuse may lead to the spread of HIV-AIDS through free sex behaviour. The National Drug Beureu had rehabiltated as many as 34.467 drug users through medical and social rehabilitation at both government and non government-run rehabilitation centers. Therefore, through PIKO, UAD takes an active part in the campaign against drug abuse by socializing harmful effect of drug consumption.

Vision and Mission


To become a reliable, professional center for drug information in Indonesia which can work as a partner for the government, health profession and society in an attempt to promote a proper drug therapy in Indonesia towards healthy society.


  1. To establish partnership with society, health profession, and government in order to promote a proper drug therapy, and healthy life through herbal medication and dissemination of research findings, publication and medication consultancy
  2. To become a facilitator who actively engages in promoting health, education and   advocating proper drug therapy in Indonesia