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Alumni become an integral part of the inseparable big community of a university. UAD always keeps contact with every alumnus both in Indonesia and abroad. Therefore, UAD provides several communication media, so the alumni can keep interacting each other no matter where they are. UAD also provides technical and non-technical media to help the alumni in developing their skill and character in the professional life. Thus, UAD expects that the alumni can still contribute their idea and opinion to improve the quality of the university.

Some mechanisms done by UAD to support the communication between alumni and the university are by the existence of and accompaniment to KAMADA (The Alumni Family of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan), providing the alumni portal which is to trace and give career information, the existence of special bureau that functions to handle the alumni affairs which is BIMAWA (Bureau of Student and Alumni Affairs) that helps alumni much.

Various training to develop the alumni capacity and their role in developing the nation are also conducted since the synergy among UAD, government, and Muhammadiyah to contribute to the development of the nation involve the role of the alumni.