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Campus 1 University of Ahmad Dahlan

Campus I of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan is located at Kapas street No. 9 Semaki 55166. The officials of the university run the routine activities at this campus. It is located near the public facilities such as Mandala Krida stadium and Yogyakarta city government offices.

Some service centers located at campus 1 are:

  • University Office
  • Office of International Affairs
  • Daily Executive Board
  • Quality Assurance Constituents
  • Academic Development Constituents
  • Bureau of Academic and Admission
  • Bureau of Finance and Asset
  • Bureau of Student and Alumni Affairs
  • Bureau of Information and Communication System
  • Islamic Studies Development Institute
  • Research and Development Institute
  • Community Service Institute
  • Education and Educational Staff Development Institute
  • Center for New Student Admission Information
  • Libraries
  • IT Center
  • Clinic

Faculties and Study Programs located at campus 1 are:

  1. Faculty of Psychology
    1. Psychology (S1)
  2. Faculty of Education and Islamic Studies
    1. Hadith Interpretation (S1)
    2. Arabic Language and Literature (S1)
    3. Islamic Studies Education (S1)
  3. Faculty of Economics
    1. Economics Studies and Development (S-1)
    2. Management(S-1)
    3. Accounting(S-1)
  4. Postgraduate Program

    1. Psychology Science Postgraduate
    2. Profession Psychology Postgraduate
    3. Educational Management Postgraduate

Campus 1 :



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