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Campus 2 University of Ahmad Dahlan

Campus 2 Universitas Ahmad Dahlan is located at Pramuka street No. 42 Sidikan 55161. This campus is located near the Yogyakarta city strategic places such as XT Square Shopping and Entertainment Center and Giwangan bust station.

Some facilities at campus 2 are:

  • Library
  • Clinic

Faculties and Study Programs located at campus 2 are:

  1. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
    1. Guidance and Counseling (S-1)
    2. Indonesian Language and Literature (S-1)
    3. English Education (S-1)
    4. Civic Education (S-1)
  2. Faculty of Law

    1. Law studies (S-1)
  3. Faculty of Literature, Culture and Communication
    1. English Literature (S-1)
    2. Indonesian Literature (S-1)
    3. Communication studies (S-1)
  4. Postgraduate Program

    1. English Education Postgraduate
    2. Physics Education Postgraduate


Campus 2



Campus 2 (Google Maps):