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Center of Astronomy


Center for Astronomy Study focuses on the development of studies and research in astronomy. The center  has actively engaged in astronomy studies and research since January 2014  when it was officially established through the decree of Head of  LPP UAD No L.1/182/I.0/XI/2013 and the Rector’s decree SK Rektor UAD No 2 2014.  It has woked in collaboration with  different study programs within UAD and external institutions both in Indonesia and overseas with a focus on developing observational methods and astronomy learning. Part of this endeavour is to build an observatorium at UAD campus 4 to help accelerate the development of the center.

Vision and Mission


To be the most referred center for astronomy studies and research.


To maximize available resources of UAD in the development of research and studies in astronomy, astronomy education and community services


Astronomy education for blind people, research in solar observation and sun rays pollution, training for atsronomical olympiad,  observation and hisab method in the determination of the start of Hijriah Month and praying time


  1. Speaker at  Workshop Science Dissemination for the Disabled at  ICTP Italy, 2014
  2. Speaker at  Asia Pacific Regional International Astronomical Union (APRIM) 2014 South Korea
  3. Regular Speaker at Himpunan Astronomi Amatir Jakarta 2014
  4. Digital Image recording of Lovejoy Comet 2015
  5. Observation and research of Lunar Total Eclipse October 2014 and April 2015
  6. National Comitte for Solar Total Eclipse 2016.

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