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University Governance


1. Rector


Dr. H. Kasiyarno, M.Hum.

2. Vice rector for consolidation and academic quality improvement (VR I)

Dr. H. Muchlas, M.T.

3. Vice Rector for Resources Management (VR II)

Drs. Safar Nasir, M.Si.

4. Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni Empowerment (VR III)

Dr. Abdul Fadlil, M.T.

5. Vice Rector for Cooperation and International Affairs (VR IV)

Prof. Dr. Sarbiran


Faculty Governance and Head Of Study Program

1. Faculty of Education and Islamic Studies




Drs. Parjiman, M.Ag. 


Vice Dean


Rika Astari S.S M.A.


Head of Arabic Language and Literature Study Program


Abdul Mukhlis S.Ag. M.Ag.


Head of Hadith Interpretation Study Program


Drs. Waharjani M.Ag.


2. Faculty of Economics




Dra. Salamatun Asakdiyah, M.Si.


Vice Dean


Tina Sulistyani S.E M.M


Head of Economic Studies and Development Study Program


Dini Yuniarti. S.E. M.Si.


Head of Management Study Program


Dyah Fitriyani S.E. M.M.


Head of Accounting Study Program


Dewi Amalia S.E. M.Si.


3. Faculty of Pharmacy




Dr. Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, M.Si., Ph.D.


Vice Dean


Nining Sugihartini M.Si. Apt.


Head of Pharmacy Study Program


Dr. Nurkhasanah Apt. M.Si.


Head of Pharmacist Profession


Dr. Moch. Saiful Bachri Apt. M.Si.


4. Faculty of Law




Rahmat Muhajir Nugroho, S.H., M.H.


Vice Dean


M. Hajir Susanto S.HM.H.


Head of Law Studies Study Program


Wita Setyaningrum S.H. LLM.


5. Faculty of Teacher Training and Education




Dra. Trikinasih Handayani, M.Si.


Vice Dean


Dr. Suparman M.Si. DEA.


Head of Guidance and Counseling Education Study Program


Dody Hartanto S.Pd. M.Pd.


Head of Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program


Dra. Triwati Rahayu M.Hum.


Head of English Education Study Program


R. Muhammad Ali S.S. M.Pd.


Head of Civics Education Study Program


Dra. Sumaryati M.Hum.


Head of Biology Education Study Program


Muhammad Joko Susilo S.Pd. M.Pd.


Head of Physics Education Study Program


Dian Artha Kusumaningtyas S.Pd.M.Pd.Si


Head of Primary School Teacher Education Study Program


Dra. Sri Tutur Martaningsih M.Pd


Head of Matematics Education Study Program


Drs. Abdul Taram M.Si.


Head of Early Childhood Education Study Program


Dra. Alif mu’arifah. M.pd.


6. Faculty of Public Health




Rosyidah, S.E., M.Kes.


Vice Dean


Yuniar Wardani SKM MPH.


Head of Public Health Study Program


Liena Sofiana, S.K.M. M.Sc.


7. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences




 Drs. Aris Thobirin, M.Si.


Vice Dean


Agung Budiantoro S.Si. M.Si.


Head of Mathematics Study Program


Yudi Ari Adi S.Si. M.Si.


Head of information system study program


Mursid Wahyu Hananto S.Si. M.Kom.


Head of physics study program


Bagus Haryadi S.Si. M.T.


Head of biology study program


Dra. Listiatie Budi Utami, M.Sc


8. Faculty of Psychology




Drs. Choirul Anam, M.Si.


Vice Dean


Faridah Ainur Rohmah S.Psi. M. Si. Psi.


Head of Psychology Study Program


Erny Hidayati S.Psi. M.A


9. Faculty of Literature, Culture and Communication




Drs. Umarino, M.Hum.


Vice Dean


Ulaya Ahdiani S.S M.Hum.


Head of English Literature Study Program


Tri Rina Budiwati S.S. M.Hum.


Head of Indonesian Literature Study Program


Dra. Ani Yuliati. S.S. M.Hum.


Head of Communication Studies Study Program


Rendra Widyatama S.IP. M.Si.


10. Faculty of Industrial Technology




Kartika Firdausy, S.T., M.T.


Vice Dean


Endah Sulistiawati S.T. M.T.


Head of Industrial Engineering Study Program


Choirul Bariyah S.T. M.T.


Head of Informatics Engineering Study Program


Sri Winiarti S.T. M.Cs.


Head of Industrial Engineering Study Program


Nuryono Satya Widodo S.T. M.Eng.


Head of Chemical Engineering Study Program


Dra. Erna Astuti, ST., M.T


11. Postgraduate Program


Director : Prof. Dr. Achmad Mursyidi, M.Sc., Apt. 


Head of Bureau, Intitute and Office

1. Bureau of Academic and Admission

    Head : Drs. Dedi Pramono, M.Hum.

2. Bureau of Finance and Asset

    Head : Afan Kurniawan, S.T., M.T.

3. Bureau of Student and Alumni Affairs

    Head : Ir. Tri Budiyanto, M.T.

4. Bureau of Information System and Communication

    Head : Tawar A.G, S.Si., M.Kom.

5, Islamic Studies Development Institute

    Head : Thonthowi., S.Ag.

6. Community Service Institue

    Head : Drs. H. Jabrohim.

7. Research and Development Institute

    Head : Dr. Widodo, M.Si.

8. Education and Educational Staff Development Institute

    Head : Dra. Hj. Sri Hartini, M.Pd.

9. Quality Assurance Constituent

    Head : Utik Bidayati, SE., MM.

10. University Office

    Head : Imam Azhari, S.Si., M.Cs.

11. Office of International Affairs

    Head : Ida Puspita, S.S., M.A