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Kreativitas Kita (Kreskit)


About Kreskit

Kreskit is a student organization which focuses on journalism. It was founded by Student Association of Indonesia Language and Letters Study Program. Established since 5 October 2005, Kreskit has been the forerunner of PBSI in providing information for PBSI students and students of UAD in general. During its early years, Kreskit was in the form of a wall magazine before it became a Kreskit bulletin. In 2012, Kreskin published its first edition of magazine. At present there are four different editions namely wall magazine, bulletin, online magazine and printed magazine.

Regular Activties

  • Buletin Publication
  • Mading Publication
  • Magazine Publication
  • Bazaar
  • Charity
  • Wall magazine exhibition
  • Article posting
  • Blog Tutorial.
  • Photography Competition


Twitter : @ KRESKIT UAD
facebook : Kreskit PBSI
Blog :