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Center for Information and HIV/AID Students Care Consultancy is a student community who is concerned about  HIV/AIDS and has strong commitment to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among teenagers in general. PELITA provides counseling and mental support for people infected with HIV virus and information about issues relating to HIV/AIDs, NAPZA, reproduction health, and other juvenile problems. The community was initiated in 2009 and officially established in 201.


As center for information and students’ counseling on NAPZA, HIV/AIDS, reproduction health, and juvenile problems

Regular Activities

Special activities

  1. Participation in Duta Mahasiswa (DUMAS) Generasi Berencana BKKBN
  2. Participation in World Aids Day
  3. Participation in  MRAN
  4. Participation in  BNN Jambore
  5. Organizing Duta PELITA UAD

Routine Activities

  1. Routine discussion about Hiv/Aids, napza and reproduction health (at least once a month)
  2. Commemorating World Aids Day (HAS) every 1 September
  3. Meetings with other partner institutions.


Twitter : @Pelita uad
facebook : Pelita Uad
Blog : Pelitauad