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Roeang 28 Theatre Community


About Teater Roeang 28

Roeang 28 Theatre Community is a performing arts community under the faculty of psychology. It was established on 28 October 2000 in Yogyakarta by a number of students who considered performing arts as closely related to psychology. The date was deliberately chosen in the hope that the community shows the spirit of the Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge), in 1928

The community is expected to provide a medium of expression for students of the faculty of psychology to  develop artisitic talent and to make the best of their potentials in the area of arts.

Regular activities

Roeang 28 has several divisions: 

  1. Dance division
  2. Drama division
  3. Music Division
  4. Literature Division
  5. Pantomime Division

Each division produces a piece of performing art every year and showcases the work to audience

Achievement / Performing art production

  1. 2001, Production of "Malam Jahannam" at Societet Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
  2. 2002, Production of  "Penggali Intan" at  UAD auditorium Yogayakarta
  3. 2003, Prouction of "Pantomime" at UAD auditorium Yogyakarta
  4. 2004, Production of  "Bila Malam Bertambah Malam" at UAD auditorium Yogyakarta
  5. 2005, Production of  "Pantomime" at UAD auditorium Yogyakarta
  6. 2006, Production of  "Praghment di Bingkai Perak" at  UAD auditorium Yogyakarta.
  7. UAD anniversary production
  8. 2007, pantomime "dolanan"
  9. 2008, colloboration jatilan pantomime "akulturasi budaya"
  10. 2009, pantomime
  11. 2010, contemporary dance  "mulat laku jantraning ing bumI" and performances at Seminar Nasional 1000 bencana at campus II auditorium UAD in 2007, Kartini Day at Kantor Walikota auditorium, Earth Day at  UGM, pantomime & poems "amal gempa padang SPY",  poem  "helping children with special needs through arts" UNY, pantomime "anak korban merapi", poem’penggalangan dana korban merapi’, ASI-ASE XIII "Sarita & Atman".
  12. Some members of Teater Ornag 28 were involved in the production of performing arts both at a local and national level such as the production of performaing arts for the opening of Pasar Seni FKY bersama Jemek Supardi dan GAPI at Benteng Vrederburg, Production of  KST teater "Presiden Coro" FKYat  Purna Budaya Yogyakata, "Mime On The Roaad 3 hari" FKY at Monument SO 1 Maret, alun-alun kidul, Tugu Yogya, Stasiun Tugu TV Yogyakarta, audition finalist of DAI TPI in Jakarta, Final asssignment of postgraduate student of ISI Yogyakarta, Production of Teater Sanggar Terkam 28 "Biang Kentut" in Surabaya dan Yogyakarta, ASI-ASE XIII Sanggar 28 TerKam collaboration of Papua war dance.


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