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Study Group Web


About KSWeb

The Web Study Group is a study group under The Engineering and Informatics Study Program. It focuses on web development programs such as web design, web framework, web security and CMS

Vision and Mision


To produce creative, independent, and high-achieving students with strong soft skills and competencies in the area of web development


  1. To develop students’ talent and creativity in web development;
  2. To invent and develop new technology in web development
  3. To create programs for the enhancement of soft skills

Regular activities

  1. Software Engineering Competition (SEC - 2011) - KSWeb + HMTIF
  2. Web Design's Coaching Clinic (2012) - KSWeb + HMTIF
  3. Web Design Competition se DIY (THEMESINPEACE - 2012) - KSWeb + HMTIF
  4. Seminar Redis dan Solr bersama PHP Indonesia regional Yogyakarta (2013) - KSWeb + HMTIF
  5. TOT Framework Yii (2013) – KSWeb
  6. Pelatihan "Make Website from Scratch" (2014) – KSWeb
  7. TechTalk dan Product exhibition KS (2014) - KS + HMTIF


  1. 2nd Winner,Web Design Competition 'Malang Cyberpark' 2013
  2. 2nd Winner, Bantul Expo Blog Competition 2013
  3. Web Design Competition UNNES 2013 (Best 10)