A Book on Semiotics Easy To Understand

‘A good teacher always understands the students. That was what Dr. Rina Ratih expressed in her newly launched book entitled Teori dan Aplikasi Semiotik Michael Riffattere or Theory and Michael Riffattere’s Semiotic Application’ said Abdul Wachid B.S. when reviewing the book on Friday (03/06/2016) at Campus II Unit B (Sargede)

According to Abdul Wachid, the publication of the book will make the students easy to understand semiotics. The writer tells that there are few reviewers discussing Riffattere's Semiotics including the writer herself and Ida. This is due to the rarity of the book.

He added that the way the writer Rina Ratih was good. She makes use of Riffattere’s way of thinking from the theory to its application.

‘This book is for third and fourth semester university students. The language of the book is simple.’ Rina Ratih, who is a lecturer at Indonesian Language and Arts Education (PBSI) explained as she was asked about the book by a delegate of Higher Education Directorate General (Dirjen Dikti)

‘She is consistent enough to write a book every year. She is among few writers of UAD lecturers,’ commented Sule Subaweh, her former student, who was present at the event. The short story writer also expressed his impression of her talent from the time he was her student.

‘I love her way of teaching and her consistence to write. I learn much from her. I hope other lecturers follow her,’ Sule added.

At another session a student asked her about her role as a lecturer amidst her activity to write.

‘Being a lecturer is a matter of choice to be a productive or an unproductive lecturer,’ answered Ratih.

The book can be a reference in case there are students, who want to write similar topics. It can also be a model to write a book.