“Ahad Pagi” Recitation is Back

Sunday (24/7/2016), “Sunday Morning (Ahad Pagi)” Islamic Recitation, a regular activity carried out by Development Agency of Islamic Studies, Ahmad Dahlan University (LPSI UAD) was held back.

After dwelling for couple of weeks for “Lebaran” holiday 1437 H, the “Ahad pagi” islamic recitation was held to facilitate people in improving their Islamic knowledge.

This recitation had been carried out in Islamic Center UAD, South Ring-road, Tamanan, Banguntapan, Bantul from 05.45 to 07.00 at local time.  This recitation was delivered by Prof. Dr. Yunahar Ilyas, Lc.

In this inaugural recitation, there was not only material presentation, but there were also “Syawalan”, and breakfast for all participants. 

The head of LPSI hoped that this recitation would always persist as many people are enthusiastic joining this activity to improve their Islamic knowledge for the establishment of Islamic civilization in the world. (AKN)