Appreciation for Students of Persada UAD

During (6-24/6/2016), it proved to be memorable invaluable experience for the female students of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan Religious Study (Persada) University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD). It was the time where they served as tutors for the students of Al-Qur’an Literacy Program (TPA) at Al-Istiqomah mosque in Dalem Teratai Asri Housing Complex, Bangunharjo, Sewon, Bantul. Persada students carried out social service program during Ramadhan this year.

A number of 8 students consisting Bella Addien N.F., Adinda Ery L, Vera Dwi F., Eka Wulandari, Afti Khoerun Nisa, Fepi Pertiwi, Fathia Irbati A., and Arifah Nur Hidayati the group leader were assigned to teach the TPA students.            

As an expression of gratitude and honor, the eight tutors were given rewards at the great proselytizing in memoriam of descent of Al-Qur’an held at the mosque.

The proselytizing was held on Tuesday (21/06/2016) from 20.00-22.00 local time. The eight tutors were called to receive the gifts from the students of TPA.

‘It is great. It is surprising that we get appreciation from the community and the students of TPA. Thank you for all. It is a memorable experience, said Arifah (AKN)