BEM and IMM FTDI Carried Out Seminar and Training on Politic Education

The importance of politics in the democratic country like Indonesia requires the politic awareness of the citizen in their life involving the college students. They are expected to be agent of change who have politic insight in this country.

Due to this issue, Students Executive Board (BEM) incorporating with Muhammadiyah Students Association of Islamic Education and Teacher Training Faculty, Ahmad Dahlan University (IMM FTDI UAD) carried out a Seminar and Training on Politic Education on Sunday (29/5/2016).

This seminar and training with the theme “Politics as a Medium of Propagation” was conducted at the hall of guesthouse, campus II of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD), Pramuka street, Yogyakarta followed by 100 participants from UAD students and public. They had followed the session enthusiastically from 08.30 to 15.00 at local time.

In that occasion, there were two speakers. They were Zainuddin Arsyad (President Moslem of ASEAN Association) and Mufti Hakim, SH, M.H. (the Lecturer of Law Faculty and the supervisor of Zone 2 IMM of UAD).

Zainuddin Arsyad presented his paper entitled “The Concept of Religiosity in Nationalistic Attitude”. HE said that this issue was very important for it was related to the awareness of the citizen toward this country and the religious character that came after it.

“We do not need to show it up in public space, but keeping it secret makes us more extraordinary”, said him.

While Mufti Hakim presented his paper entitled “Practical Politics at Campus”.  He said “In this life, we should not be only involved in politics as students in general, but also should be smart doing new things, including propagating through practical politics”. (AKN)