BEM FF of UAD Commemorates World Pharmacists Day 2018 with KIE to Fight Hoax

On Tuesday (09/25/2018), around 30 students gathered at Yogyakarta Zero Kilometer Point. They are Pharmacy students of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD). The event began with participants gathering in front of Vredeburg Fortress for a briefing. And then, they were divided into seven groups to go to different directions. There were those who went to the east and west side of Malioboro, some also reached the North Square.

The activity is an initiation carried out by the Department of Studies and Strategic of 2018 BEM FF UAD to promote community awareness in the midst of a very rapid global information flow. Information filtering is needed to counter hoax news. The time of the event implementation coincided with the commemoration of the World Pharmacists Day, which this raised the theme of "Your Medicines Expert". By conducting the event, it is expected that a pharmacist becomes the person who knows the best about drugs, and is most worthy of being asked about drugs, because that is what they have learned during their studies.

Rudi as the Governor of Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Pharmacy of UAD 2018 explained that this was a form of education to the public to avoid hoax news, especially related to treatment whose origin was not known.

The event with the concept of KIE (Communication of Information and Education) to visitors around Malioboro, Zero Kilometer Point, and the North Square of Yogyakarta was completed before Maghrib, and was ended by all activity participants and the committee eating snack together.