Camping while Stargazing at UAD Pastron Astrocamp

Educational tour is now trending. The Center for Astronomical Studies (Pastron UAD) sees this potential by organizing Astrocamp program. Kemit Forest Education, a natural tourist site in Karanggedang Village, Cilacap, Central Java, becomes the first partner for this program.

Astrocamp itself is a camping event filled with astronomical activities. While spending the night in the wild, Astrocamp participants are invited to observe the sky and sky objects through telescopes.

"In the meantime, it's difficult to see stars and other celestial bodies due to light pollution," said Yudhiakto Pramudya, the Head of UAD Pastron.

According to this American graduate doctor in Physics, light pollution occurs mainly in urban areas. The use of excessive lights makes it difficult for us to observe the celestial bodies. Now, to get a good sight of the sky, the observation must be done in the remote areas, such as forests.

Natural tourist sites, such as Kemit Forest, are ideal for astronomical activities. Kemit Forest, which is located on a pine forest hill, is able to present good sight of the sky as well as wide visibility.

"We, as Kemit Forest Education, are looking forward to Astrocamp. Our visitors can have a vacation while also get knowledge about astronomy," said Adhy Andriwiguna, the manager of Kemit Forest.

According to him, Astrocamp is in great demand. This can be seen from the number of prospective applicants who had registered. However, since the first Astrocamp was limited to 20 participants, many potential participants had to wait for the next Astrocamp.

The first Astrocamp was by participants from Bandung, Jogja, Ciamis, Cilacap, and a number of other places. This activity was held on July 1-2, 2018. Both UAD Pastron and Kemit Forest Education intend to continue this program.

"Our next Astrocamp will soon be held," Adhy said.