PSLPB UAD is a center for research, training and social services in enviromental and disaster management

Vision and Mission


To become a study center which has the capability to develop science and technology in the area of environment and disaster based on Islamic values.


  1. To do research and trainings in environment and natural disaster
  2. To provide and coordinate humanitarian services for the purpose of reducing the danger and risk of environmental damage caused by natural disaster.

Area of Work

  1. Research into reducing disaster risk on human being and environment.
  2. Trainings designed to upgrade quality of human resources in environment and disaster management.
  3. Active engagement in environment and disaster management and activities


  1. Research into demand for rice in the eruption-affected inhabitants on the hillside of Merapi mount. (2013)
  2. Research into garbage management at UAD campus (2014)
  3. Research on Incident Command System (2015)
  4. Basic Training in Disaster Managment for UAD Lecturers  (2013)
  5. Basic Training in Disaster Management for UAD staff  (2014)
  6. Training of Students for the establishment  Student Disaster Alert Forum  / Forum Mahasiswa Siaga Bencana (FORMAGANA) (2014)
  7. Merapi Eruption Post,  2014
  8. Joint Disaster Management rehearsal , Muhammadiyyah Volunteer in Galur, Kulon Progo (2015).