Community service is the implementation of science, technology and arts conducted by the academic society institutionally for the community that needs learning and empowerment. It is an effort to improve the dignity and the value to improve the quality of life. Community service activity, an inseparable part of three duties of higher education becomes a standard on how far a higher education institution contributes to the society.

Community service activity is coordinated by Institute of Community Service as an institute in the university level that functions to conduct educative activities in the field of community service. Since early established, Institute of Community Service has conducted various community service activities, both by lecturers (lecturer community service program – PPM) and students (student community service program – KKN).

Vision and Mission


To serve Allah SWT with science, technology and arts and sincerity in society learning and empowerment activities those are globally oriented.


  1. To conduct community service activities (lecturer and student community service program) as media for service, learning, and empowerment those are globally oriented.
  2. To develop internal and external partnership to develop the synergism among UAD, government, Muhammadiyah, private sectors, and society
  3. To improve amar makruf nahi munkar preaching
  4. To build the institutional image through various promotion activities


  1. To give expertise service in the field of science and technology
  2. To give understanding and learning experience for the students about community empowerment
  3. To give service and guidance of community service done by lecturers
  4. To give understanding and opportunity for the students and lecturers to serve Muhammadiyah

The Internal Division and Responsibility

1. Head of Institute of Community Service is responsible for:

  • Coordinating, supervising, and evaluating community service activities (PPM and KKN), and controlling the resources management that is needed to make the activities run optimally, efficiently, and effectively
  • Coordinating, supervising and evaluating community service activities to develop the empowerment of the branch and twig office of Muhammadiyah and to develop the cooperation with the Muhammadiyah assembly, institution and other organization institution under Muhammadiyah.

2.  Head of Community Service Program Center is responsible for:

  • Arranging program, conducting, evaluating, and reporting community service program
  • Planning the village model that will be the target of community service program
  • Conducting the training for community service program guide lecturers
  • Involving community service program to empower the branch and the twig office of Muhammadiyah

3.  Head of Center for Expert Service and Technology Transfer is responsible for:

  • Arranging, conducting and evaluating the program, and reporting the activities in the field of expert service and technology transfer
  • Serving the academic members who will conduct, are conducting and have conducted the community service duty (PPM)
  • Giving consultation to the society in various fields such as religion, social, economy, culture and arts, health, law and technology.
  • Conducting the education and training to hold learning and society empowerment
  • Developing the cooperation with assembly, institution, and other organizations under  Muhammadiyah
  • Involving the lecturers in conducting the community service program to empower the branch and twig office of Muhammadiyah

Activity Program

  1. Comprehensive Community Service Program guide book Arrangement
  2. Routine evaluation and development on community service guide book
  3. Quality improvement of Community service program proposal
  4. Quantity improvement of community service program proposal by lecturers
  5. Quantity and quality improvement of community service program (PPM) to get grant
  6. Improvement of Community service program distribution conducted by study program
  7. Quantity improvement of community service program harmonized with vision, mission and aims of Institute of Community Service
  8. Quantity and quality improvement of community service program aimed at developing and empowering Muhammadiyah branch, twig or other organizations under Muhammadiyah
  9. Quantity and quality improvement of community service program to support Muhammadiyah program in various sectors conducted by assembly and institute of Muhammadiyah
  10. Institute of Community Service as a scientific work
  11. Quality and professionalism improvement of staff competence on the database management
  12. Quantity improvement, management improvement and expansion of external and internal cooperation network
  13. Expansion and improvement of cooperation network management and institution socialization in internal Muhammadiyah
  14. Guidance improvement on community service program (PPM and KKN)

Program Pattern and Characteristics

The program pattern of Community Service activities as follows:

1. Student Community Service Program (KKN)

Community Service Program is a compulsory curricular activity that is conducted by the students based on the academic calendar.

2. Non-Community Service Program

Non curricular activities are conducted by the academic society of UAD based on the society need and UAD mission as follows:

  1. Society Service
  2. Society Education and Training
  3. Study/ Discussion/ Workshop/ Research Forum
  4. Internship

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