Culinary Adventures Workshop

Learning activities in the Vocational Study Program are not only done in the classroom. On July 21st and 23rd, 2018, the D-IV Food Services Business (Bisma)  study program held a "Culinary Adventures" Student Activity Workshop. This was a student visit activity to a food processing company. In that place, students got new knowledge,  which was usually delivered by the industry owner, saw the production process, and were even given the opportunity to directly practice in the production process.

On the first day, the activity was held in Khansa Snack and Food fish processing industry and Resto jeJamuran. Khansa Snack and Food is located in Dusun Kayen, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Endah, as the owner, explained everything about her business, starting from the background, history, struggle, production process, marketing, to the success of her business to date. In addition, she also invited students to have a tour on the production floor and practice cooking catfish floss which was one of the products of Khansa Snack and Food.

The next destination was jeJamuran Resto, located at Jl. Magelang km. 11, Sleman, Yogyakarta. They have mushroom cultivation business and a restaurant that provides processed foods from various types of mushrooms. Students were given assignments by the lecturer to identify the taste, appearance, and processing method of each dish so that it could be used as reference materials for the lecture process in the classroom.

On the second day, the Culinary Adventures continued to Ndalem Katelan and Ngudi Rejeki Kelorida. Ndalem Katelan purple sweet potato and Shasa Egg Roll products are produced in Pleret, Bantul, Yogyakarta. While in this place, the students were invited by the owner to try making purple sweet potato egg rolls.

Thee second destination was moringa leaf processing production house, namely Ngudi Rejeki Kelorida, located in Trirenggo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Processed kelor leaves products they produce include moringa leaf cracker, egg roll, stick, noodle, lodeh (a type of dish with coconut milk), bothok (a steamed dish with leaf wrapper), chocolate, tea, date chocolate, and even Moringa face mask.

Culinary Adventures provides many benefits, knowledge, and experiences that can be used as learning or reference for students, especially related to culinary business in the future. In addition, emotionally, the experience delivered by the owners of each industry in building the industry from scratch even without capital, promoting its products, and developing and maintaining its business to be successful, can be an important point for students. This activity may help students have a sense of enthusiasm as well as the desire to take part in the world of culinary business.