Earth Day Celebration, FKIP UAD Organized a Training of Hydroponic Planting

‘We are committed to healthy environment and to realizing the green campus then. Our commitment is supported by all campus elements including lecturers, students, and administrative staffs. One of its realization is by developing hydroponic planting,’ said Dr. Trikinasih Handayani, M.Si., the Dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Ahmad Dahlan University (FKIP-UAD) in her speech at a training of Developing Planting System by Means of Hydroponic at campus V, Wirosaban on Saturday (23/4/2016).

She said that the limited land is not a problem to create a green and lovely campus. UAD has declared green campus programs and to realize the programs at its 55th anniversary, UAD planted Qurani plants i.e. plants mentioned in Holly Qur’an. 

The training program began with theory and practice of hydroponic planting method. This method can be applied to plant spinach, kale, lettuce, bulbs, and other taproot plants. After having theory, the training program was continued by planting practice around the mosque walls at Campus V UAD.

Public relation of FKIP-UAD, Dholina Inang Pambudi, M.Pd. said that this event was managed by Amir Syarifudin, a hydroponic practitioner and followed by 50 participants including lecturers, students and staffs. Moreover, this program also received a positive response from the Head of Department of Primary School Teacher Education, Dra. Sri Tutur Martaningsih M.Pd.   

A day before, on Friday  (22/4/2016), all participants joined the Earth Day celebration through campaigning Campus V to be free from smoke either from cigarettes or from vehicles.