Graduation Ceremony of Persada UAD


With beginnings, come endings and with encounters, come partings. That is a life. This was happened to the boarding school students of KH. Ahmad Dahlan (Persada) Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) in the academic years of 2015-2016.

On Saturday (30/7/2016), 120 students of Persada graduated and participated on graduation ceremony (Haflah Akhirissanah) as it was the end of their activity in Persada..

The ceremony had been carried out from 19.30 to 24.00 at local time with some series of events. There were official speech from vice mudir (vice director of Persada), choir performance, announcement of the best achievement of GPA, and embedding Samir session. Then, there was an entertainment from the representation of each floor of female and male dormitories.

In the event themed “carving stories with Students of Persada to develop world civilization”, it was attended by Thonthowi, M.Ag., the vice mudir, all the managements of Persada, students’ parents, and alumni.

“do not be proud of yourselves and be heartened for your best achievement, because it belongs to the worst mind. Keep maintaining the good name of Persada, being consistent in worship and achievement, and respecting noble character,” said Thonthowi, M.Ag. in his speech.