IMM Commissariats boards of Psychology and TDI UAD were Officially inaugurated

Having the Musykom (Commissariat Colloquy),   The Commissariats Boards (PK) of  Muhammadiyah College Student Association (IMM) of Psychology Faculty and Islamic Education and Teacher Training Faculty (FTDI) of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) were officially inaugurated on Monday (13/6/2016).

In this PK inauguration of 2016-2017 period, Repa Sepnita and Irfan Zamzani were elected to be the chairmen of PK of Psychology Faculty and FTDI.

at 17.00 local time, in the hall of Islamic Center, UAD Campus IV, the both commissariats boards were inaugurated by Nuzulul Purwandana, the chairman of IMM Branch Board of Djasman al-Kindi Yogyakarta.

They swore an oath to carry out the IMM mandate of achieving the IMM purpose as a student movement which is aimed to establish the real Islamic society based on al-Quran and as-Sunnah ash-Sholihah, as stated in the Muhammadiyah purpose.

The both PK chairmen were elected in the formateur session of Musykom some time ago.

“We have to broaden wing together in carrying out this mandate for the progress of IMM and Muhammadiyah are in our hand. We have attempted to achieve this glory day. We may not disfigure this achievement due to our inconsistent in keeping this mandate” said Irfan Zamzani in his speech. (AKN)