Introducing UAD through the 7th International Day

"It's been seven times we held this kind of event. What special today is that there are many participants of foreign students from other campuses outside Ahmad Dahlan University UAD, "said Ida Puspita, M.A.Res., Head of International Affairs Office (KUI) while giving a speech at the event which took place on green hall campus 1, Saturday (11/26/2016).

Participants who attended the 7th Internasinal Day were not only foreign students from UAD, but also from other provinces such as Bandung, Solo and some universities outside Yogyakarta.

In addition to foreign star singing contest, there was also a wide variety of typical foods from different countries in the provided booths such as China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Sweden, Indonesia and more. Many foreign students were attracted by typical food provided by the participants.

Ida in his speech said that the purpose of this event was to provide an opportunity for students in art, both local and international students of UAD. In addition, this event was an effort of KUI to introduce UAD as an university that have foreign students with the amount reaching 187 students this year.

Rector of UAD, Dr. kasiyarno, M.Hum. added that the event was very positive, because there were competitions showing students’ ability in cooking and singing. "I hope this cooking competition continues to be held next year with provision for participants to cook on site," he hoped

“UAD Students will not just know typical foods from abroad but also the cooking process. This event is also an attempt of UAD to make a closer relation between local students and foreign students. Foreign students can learn Indonesian language and culture, while Indonesian students can learn from foreign students, "he said when opening the event.