IX Edition Poros Magazine Launcing and Public Discussion

Attended by some 400 participants, the launching of 9th edition of Poros magazine was held at Auditorium Campus II University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) on Pramuka Street, Yogyakarta. The event was organized by Students’ Press (Persma) Poros.

In the event, a creative dancer from Rejowinangun, Kotagede took part by presenting a dance entitled ‘Endargedana’ before the event started last Saturday (19/03/2016). The launching lasted from 18.30 to 22.30 local time.

Poros is a magazine managed by UAD’s Student Activity Unit (UKM) dealing with campus journalism. Persma Poros is a medium for students, whose hobby is journalism and writing reports, poems, prose, etc.

The main theme in the event was ‘Reflecting Tourism Village,’ which is in accordance with the title of Poros edition IX.

Meanwhile, the discussion presented the theme ‘Developing and Increasing Natural Resources’ inviting four presenters Fara Dewi Tawainella, Poros’ chief editor, Sigit the chief of local Tourism development Board chapter Yogyakarta, Destha Titi Raharjana, expertise staff of Center of Tourism Study Gadjah Mada University (UGM), and Setyawan a delegate of Yogyakarta’s Tourism Authority.

The event was completed by the presence of Dimas and Diajeng (winners of beauty and handsomeness contest of Kulonprogro regency. Some people involved in tourism industry from Yogyakarta and around were also present. They appreciated Poros UAD, which tries to assists tourism development in Yogyakarta. This was expressed by Sigit in his first presentation.

‘I am gratitude to UAD and their stakeholders and appreciate them for their effort to promote tourism villages. I hope Poros and its partners continue its contribution to tourism together with us also with the Republic of Chekoslovakia. (AKN)