The laboratories and workshop are used to support and corroborate the knowledge (theories, concepts) of the students, particularly in practice. In addition, students and lecturers can use the facilities to conduct research activities or experiments, to develop the theories, interest-talent, engineering, skills and profession.

Industrial Statistical Analysis and Research Operation Laboratory

Language Laboratory

Biology Laboratory

Guidance and Counseling Laboratory

Database Laboratory

Epidemiology Laboratory

Electronics Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Pharmacology Laboratory

Atom-Nucleus Physics Laboratory

Basic Physics Laboratory

Phyto chemical and Pharmacognosy Laboratory

Law Laboratory

Computer Network (LAN and Internet) Laboratory

Micro Computer Laboratory

Basic Computer Laboratory

Computer and Informatics Laboratory

Pharmacy Chemical Laboratory

Chemical Laboratory

Medicinal Chemical Laboratory

Microbiology and Biochemical Laboratory

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

Microteaching Laboratory

Multimedia Laboratory (UAD TV)

Early Childhood Education Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory

Production System Laboratory

Process Unit Laboratory

Operational Unit Laboratory

Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Chemical Engineering Laboratory

Pharmacy Technology Laboratory

Science Instructional Technology Laboratory