Masta UAD 2016 Introduced Revolutionary Concept of Education


Wednesday (31/8/2016), was the first day for Masta (Masa Ta’aruf) an introductory period for autonomous Muhammadiyah organizations (ORTOM). In this P2K (Introductory Program to Campus) UAD 2016, campus III became the first venue of the program.

Masta of three Muhammadiyah ORTOMs were Muhammadiyah University Student Association (IMM), Hizbul Wathan (boyscout) (HW),  and Tapak Suci (martial arts) (TS). The theme was Revolutionary Education, through prophecy movement for the sake of developed Indonesia. The theme was expected to bring new spirit for the teaching and learning process at campus.

‘For sure, education at campus is only focused on each department. Other knowledge such as organization and socialization is not introduced,’ said Syaiful the Chief of Masta central committee UAD 2016.

Because of this, Syaiful said, Masta this year tries to introduce the concept of revolutionary education in the education materials. Among others, education as a means of awareness to implement the developed Indonesia through prophecy movement.

In practice the concept of introduction to each ORTOM is a little bit different from the last year. Personal introduction was not done. Simultaneously video program was used to introduce each ORTOM together with their activities.

‘With Masta, we hope new students know each ORTOM so that they willingly join in the ORTOM with the objectives to be able to do prosetilzing and become good Muhammadiyah members,’ Syaiful, who is also a student of Industrial Engineering Department (FTI UAD), emphasized. (AKN)