Most Diligent Students’ Comments on UAD‘s Library Service


As the annual workshop on literacy held took place at Literacy Room Campus 3 last Saturday (09/24/2016) the library of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) presented rewards the eight most visiting library students, who are keen to borrow the books from the library.

As getting the rewards, the eight students were asked to give suggestion for the library service. In front of UAD’s head of library Tedy Setiadi, M.T. and the staff, the reward holder Kuni a student of Indonesian Language Education Department said that the service was satisfying. He said, ‘The library service is good and the staff always help me find book for our individual as well as group assignment.’

In spite of that, the fifth semester student suggested that the library add its collection of new books. The same opinion was also given by another reward holder Rifki, who said that the service of the library was good with some notes for its book maintenance. ‘Many students after having read the books do not return them in place. This is not good. Why don’t they return them directly to the racks?’ Said Rifki.

Bu Tri or Mother Tri said that it is the librarians, who should return the books for they know the place in relation to the book system of numbering or book classification. Should the students return the books, they will return them improperly and they will get difficulty in finding them in future. ‘It is the task of librarians to return the books.’ said Tri one of the librarians at Campus II.

Now UAD’s library is directly under control of university. It was formerly under Research Publication (LP2I).