My Trip My Inspiration


Courtesy visits were done by 26 students of Muhammadiyah Student Association’s (IMM) chiefs of commissariat and cadres at Faculty of Education and Islamic Teacher Training (FTDI) University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD).

The visits, which have been organized in the agenda of Art, Culture, and Sport Department (SBO) included a courtesy call to Sucipto, who is an elderly leader of IMM zone I. The next visit was ziarah or visit to the graveyard to the late founder Muhammadiyah K.H. Ahmad Dahlan outside a mosque in Karangkajen. After that they shared their experiences with the alumni.

The event with the theme ‘My Trip My Inspiration,’ aimed at inspiring and motivating IMM cadres in carrying out the organization. The SBO agenda were initials of a series events called Gelora IMM TDI.

In the events, they discussed IMM’s development especially at UAD with Sucipto at his residence in Kauman area Yogyakarta. Moh Choirul Hudha and Abdur Rauf alumni of IMM FTDI were present.

Huda and Rauf shared their experiences as they were the commissariat chiefs from 2013-2015. ‘Frankly speaking, I was stuck to the position because I learned much from it such as togetherness, hard work, and the art of organizing people. Due to these things, we must carry out tasks as cadres. Don’t be disrupted,’ Rauf added. (AKN)