Nine new members of Language People Network (JAB) Theatre

Nine new members of Language People Network (JAB) Theatre were inaugurated on Sunday, December 4, 2016. The inauguration ceremony had been held for three days including several series of activities such as traveling, mental tests, performances, inauguration, and grief expression.

"We want to create a sacred event for our friends. The concept of this event is also designed for new members to be aware of each other's shortcomings and be able to improve themselves, "said Bayu Aji Setiawan as an event organizer.

In the inauguration ceremony of the new members, each of the new members was required to complete a mission given by the committee. The Nine prospective new members were Wisnu Wardhana, Ridho Iqbal S., Riski Ramdhani, M. Nurmansyah, M. Fikron Najib, Farid, Inten Maulida Handari, Dwi Susilawati, and Destriana Prastica.

After the mental test, the new prospective members showed performances in front of visitors at zero kilometers at tourism area of ​​Malioboro. Then it was proceed by an oath led by the Chairman of JAB Theatre, Cahyo Edi Pramono.

The last event was a sharing circle that took place at the Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. "The activity was used as a medium express grief for the new members and the committee." Said Cahyo. (Dev)