Opening Speech by The Rector of Ahmad Dahlan University In undergraduate and postgraduate graduation Period of March 2016


Graduation day of undergraduate and postgraduate program of Ahmad Dahlan University for period of March 2016 held on Saturday 19th March 2016 at the hall A of Jogja Expo Center is attended by 763 of male and female graduates. Those who are being graduated in today’s commencement are coming from 30 undergraduate departments with GPR average 3,24 and 6 postgraduate departments, including 10 English postgraduate department students, 6 Physics postgraduate department students, 7 Profession Psychology postgraduate students, 5 Sains Psychology postgraduate students, 32 Pharmacy postgraduate students and 7 Education Management postgraduate students.

 Up to now, Postgraduate Program of Ahmad Dahlan University have graduated 765 students. Therefore, all in all Ahmad Dahlan University has 36,841 alumni. The fastest student of undergraduate program in this inauguration who spent 3 years 4 months and 25 days is An’umillah Wahyu Nuri Azizah, a Psychology undergraduate student, with GPR 3.87. Then the youngest graduate is Puput Ragil Pratiwi from Management undergraduate program with GPR 3.64 who passes at 19 years 8 months and 12 days age.

It is noticeable that in 2015, there are 259 Ahmad Dahlan University students who won in several national and international competitions, while in this year or 2016 up to March, 19 students made the same achievement. The achievement is made by our students who got the runner up at National Essay Competition in the 4th Anniversary of HKMF at Sriwijaya University and in SETU Taekwondo Competition held at GOR Ciracas, some students got 17 medals consisting of 4 gold, 8 bronze and 5 silver.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of academic community of Ahmad Dahlan University, we would like to say congratulation to those who finish their study and achieve academic title from this Muhammadiyah College. Good luck always accompanies you. Especially to the parents of graduates, today at the end of students’ formal study at this beloved University, in this occasion, I as the rector of Ahmad Dahlan University devolve the students to you and also I would like to say thank you for your trust in Ahmad Dahlan University to educate and facilitate the beloved students to be muslim scholars. We hope their status as scholar and muslim would boost your happiness as parents. 

            We do hope that relationship between us would remain tightly in the future. To all of guests, we also appreciate you for attending and becoming with us in this graduation day. May Allah the Almighty consider your kindness as a good deed.