Peksimuda, UAD Student Competition


Student Art Week of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (Peksimuda) has just been completed and the winners of the several competition branches have been decided. More than 150 students participated in the event which took place from July12-14, 2018.

UAD Rector, Kasiyarno, M.Hum., stated that although UADwas a Muhammadiyah Islamic institution, it was not opposed to art. According to him, we could also use art as a medium for preaching.

"Art must be preserved. Do not let others claim our cultural products. For now, students must be able to develop their interests and talents. UAD is ready to support and facilitatestudents to develop their talents," he explained.

He added that UAD students had great cultural art potential that still could be developed. Their potentials could result inachievements that brought good impact to the university.

"The students should make use of their talent well, because in the future it can be useful for their professions. Students must have the required skills and abilities as a stepping stone. Comparative potential and talent must also be utilized, not only academic skills. Student potential should be sharpened, whatever the field is," said Kasiyarno.

On the other hand, Dr. Dedi Pramono, M.Hum., the Head of Bureau of Students and Alumni Affairs (Bimawa) revealed that Peksimuda was an event to look for those from UAD who had potential to be developed to later participate in Peksimida.

"The activity aims to increase the student motivation, achievement, productivity, as well as to put it in SKPI(Diploma Supplement)."

To improve the quality of the students’ works in order to be able to compete with other universities in Peksimida, the chosen champions from each branch will be taught by designated artists or writers as the mentors.

Some branches of the competition include keroncong, pop, semiclassical and classical singing, group vocals, dangdut, poetry writing, short stories, plays, poetry reading, monologue, painting, photography, calligraphy, comic strips, poster design and MTQ. (ard)