Premium Service through Communication

‘Unexpressed bad feelings never vanish. Those feelings are only buried and will appear in a worse form.’– Stephen R. Covey

This insight opens our awareness of the importance of communication at work. To provide premium service a clerk should master a communication skill. So this skill need appreciating for a successful job.

‘Pay attention to whom, what message, and which medium you are communicating.’ Suggested Asep Purnama Bahtiar, S.Ag., M.Ag. as he was presenting the art of communication for library staff of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) last Tuesday (18/10/2016)

            Asep said that communication is important for premium service. Through communication people can understand one’s knowledge. A knowledgeable person will communicate effectively so that he can work effectively for the stakeholder.

            ‘Yet, communication for premium service can be attained through assertive communication. An assertive communication knows the answer to the questions above. This also guarantees the addressee’s rights and feelings.’ he added.

            Furthermore, he said that an assertive communication is one’s ability to express his ideas, feelings, and his beliefs honestly. This should be done in a way that it cannot insult others.

            The head of UAD library Drs. Teddy Setiadi, ST., MT. said that the workshop was an effort to strengthen and to improve knowledge of library staff of UAD for better service.