Press Release: Training of Emergency Patient Management (PPGD) and Reproductive Health Management in Disasters


Bantul Regency is one of the areas in Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) that has high potential for disasters, such as flood, tornado, earthquake, drought, and landslide. This critical situation creates a possibility where refugees do not get their reproductive rights. Therefore, there were many cases of sexual violence, sickness and death due to unmet fulfillment of maternal and child health services, as well as lack of Family Planning (KB) services related to unwanted pregnancy.

Ordinary people also have an important role in disaster management in the health sector response in an emergency condition. Their ability to provide help is essential, at least to their own families. It is also expected that they can protect the reproductive health rights of refugees.

Based on these conditions, Oktomi Wijaya, S.KM., M.Sc. and Ratu Matahari, S.KM., M.A., M.Kes. who are young lecturers at the Faculty of Public Health, University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) took the initiative to conduct Emergency Patient Management (PPGD) and Reproductive Health Management in Disasters which are conducted in collaboration with PRM Potorono Barat, Potorono Utara and PRM Nglaren (PCM Banguntapan Selatan). Training activities were held on Saturday-Sunday (17-18/3/2018) at Da'wah Hall of PRM Nglaren, Bantul District. The event involved 30 participants from each of the three PRM representatives.

With this training, it is expected that Muhammadiyah cadres can provide basic emergency help, assist medical and paramedical teams in the evacuation and transportation process during disasters, and have the understanding of the importance of fulfilling reproductive rights in times of crisis.