Responding to Technology Challenges

Communication Science (Ilkom) study program of Faculty of Cultural and Communication Literature (FSBK), Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD), in cooperation with the Association of Communication Science Education (APIK) Muhammadiyah Universities (PTM) held a workshop at Grand Orchid on Tuesday-Wednesday (23-24/1/2018).

This event was entitled "Internationally Reputable Article Writing Workshop, Accredited Journal Management, and Work Meeting of APIK PTM 2018". Present as the speakers of the event were Prof. Dr. Widodo Muktiyo from UNS, Munawar A. Riyadi, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. from UNDIP, and Andri Pranolo, S.Kom., M.Cs. from UAD.

UAD Rector. Dr. Kasiyarno, M.Hum., expressed his great appreciation towards the event in his speech at the opening of the event. It is because UAD is a university that has a quick response to technological developments and focused on the improvement of human resources.

"Currently, there are 25 Communication Science study programs in PTM. Cooperation among PTM, especially in Communication Science field, is needed and is very important in this competitive era. In the future, communication science has tremendous challenges. Technology is getting more advanced, and humans must adjust immediately," said Kasiyarno.

In addition, he highlighted that lecturers and students had to increase productivity in order not to be colonized by technology, such as using devices excessively. Productivity can be done by generating creative, innovative, and quality ideas. Kasiyarno expressed his expectation for lecturers to increase the number of article publication in nationally- and internationally-indexed journals. (ard)