Responding to the Disaster, the Committee of NPWP Conducted a Fundraising Event

Economic Development (EP) study program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Ahmad Dalan University (UAD) held a Closing Ceremony Night Performance with Economic Development (NPWP) in the series of events for the 23rd anniversary of  EP study program. Held at the
Monument of Serangan Umum Satu Maret, the concert was performed by The Rollas, Neamo, and Fade bands. In addition, EP Accoustic Club and Grahita Beksan also participated in the event. The main guest star in the concert was a Jogja indie band, Jendela.
"We held this event at the Monument of Serangan Umum Satu Maret because we wanted to share our happiness in celebrating the faculty anniversary with the general public. We also wanted to introduce the Economic Development Program of UAD to the people. We hope that this could be one form of promotion of our study program, "said Zulkifli, a student of EP study program, as well as an NPWP committee.
Besides entertainment, the committee also conducted a fundraising event to help victims of floods that occurred in Yogyakarta and the surrounding areas. It was an effort made by the committee to respond to issues occurring in the community.
"Actually, in the initial plan, there was no social fundraising plan. However, because just before the event was held, many areas in Yogyakarta were heavily flooded, we felt the need to add a fundraising event to help the victims," he concluded.