Reward for The Students, Who Borrowed The Book Most.

‘Every year we give reward to the students, who borrow the books from the library most and those who visit it most.’ said Tedy Setiadi, M.T. the head of Library of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) as he was giving the rewards to eight students last Saturday (09/24/29016) at Literacy Hall Campus III UAD.

The students getting the rewards come from Campus I, II, III, and IV. Each campus is represented by two students.

Tedy said that giving reward has become a tradition. This is a way for the library to promote the library to the students to become regular visitors. To do this the library also holds scientific work competition.

‘This is to enhance the students’ literacy.’ he added. Furthermore, the library provides online as well as printed journals besides books sent by National and Regional libraries.

In order to serve the visitors well, UAD’s library trains its staff and send them for seminars and courses. ‘Even we send them to study.’ Tedy said.