Social Service of UAD Faculty of Pharmacy at Beringharjo Market

In order to commemorate World Health Day, Kartini Day, and the 22nd Milad, Faculty of Pharmacy of Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) organized a social service at Beringharjo market. The event which was entitled "Bakti Farmasi untuk Para Kartini Perkasa from Beringharjo" was held in East Pendopo of Pasar Beringharjo Yogyakarta on Thursday (5/4/2018).

From the description delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Dr. Dyah A Perwitasari, Apt., Ph.D., The health of women carrying laborers in Beringharjo market needs to be given attention, considering that many of them are elderly.

"In order to celebrate Milad of the Faculty of Pharmac, with the theme of 'Pharmacy Inspire for Indonesia (Phyforia)', we organize a community service. There are some activities like general medical check-up, blood sugar testing, reflexology, health consultations, and a fashion show contest."

On the event, the Vice Mayor of Yogyakarta, H. Heroe Poerwadi, also gave a speech while opening the event.

"Thanks to the Faculty of Pharmacy UAD that is concerned about the female laborers at Beringharjo market. Hopefully with, this activity can provide education about health. Health is important, so do not underestimate it," he said.

Siti Aminah, a 50-year-old female laborer from Kulon Progo, was delighted to be examined for her health. From her explanation, there had never been any similar activity held at Beringharjo market.

"There was never any health check before, let alone a fashion show. So, as long as it’s free, I would be delighted to participate. The doctor said that I have a high level of blood sugar, so I should reduce the consumption of sweets," said the woman who has been a laborer for more than ten years. (ard)