Some Ways To Attract Readers

One way of influencing people is through writing. Writing in mass media is an effective one for it reaches thousands of readers of different levels.

‘Lecturers’ number of ideas can be detected from their number of writing in journals and papers,’ said Drs. Octo Lampito, M.Pd as speaking in a workshop for writing popular articles for lecturers of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) at Auditorium Campus I on Tuesday (05/04/2016)

‘The most important part in writing is that it is informative and acceptable for different levels. One can write different opinions or a bright idea,’ he added.

He commented that mass media mostly accepts actual issues, which public concern because they can affect many people. There should be conflicting ideas in the articles because they make the media develop.

He furthermore said, ‘Writing is a spiritual relief, when our names appear on papers, that’s what we want even though there are critical comments for it,’ as giving assignments to write opinions of their subject interests to the participants.

The event was attended by participants from 30 departments at UAD. The participants are expected to be able to share their knowledge to public.

‘Writing an article can be a form of proselytizer,’ said Dr. Abdul Fadlil, M.T. – Vice Rector III in his opening speech. If so far lecturers’ proselytizer is only addressed to students, now they can share their ideas outside class. One of them through mass media.

The event sponsored by public relation of UAD was preceded by similar workshop from Tempo editors. It is expected that the event can help the lecturers to share ideas related to their expertise on papers.