Studying beyond Limit Results in Great Achievement


An’umillah Nuri Azizah was surprised to be announced as University of Ahmad Dahlan’s (UAD’s) student with good achievement. She fished her study within 3 years four months and 27 days.

‘After declared to be the student with the shortest period of study, I was surprised and then was grateful to Allah. All of this is because my parents support,’ she said in spite of her busy routines Thursday (17/3/2016)

 ‘Man proposes and God disposes. Don’t forget to ask our parents’ prayer.’

Born in Klaten on July 9th 1994 finished her study cum laude with GPA of 3.87. Moreover, last November Nuri, as she is often called, acquired the third champion in Psychology Olympic conducted by Psychology Student Association (HIMPSI) East Jawa Chapter.

‘I am very proud of our orange university, especially when making Psychology Department reputed nationally. I had to make all my effort to reach this keeping the rank behind Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and University of Indonesia (UI),’ she added. She is a psychology student, who is daughter of Guwat and Wakiyem.

Nuri had to compete with other in basic psychological experiment and measurement instruments in psychology in the Olympic ranging from video analyzing and written-test designing, which were then presented before members of jury and the audience.

She emphasized that it is necessary to make all great effort to step beyond limit. To do that, she prefers to go to bed earlier while others spend it for fun and gets up far before dawn to study.

 During her study she was involved in ‘Kedai Kopi’ a discussion group of Psychology students held fortnightly. Besides, she was a member of Students’ Legislative Board (BEM), Indonesian Psychology Student Association (IMPI), and Journalism Team Poros.

‘I admit that my parents are ordinary farmers, I have to manage my study,’ added the ever third champion of student with great achievement at her faculty. (Ard)

“Saya sangat sadar karena orang tua hanya bekerja sebagai petani, maka saya tidak boleh menyia-nyiakan waktu kuliah yang diberikan kepada saya,” imbuh gadis yang juga pernah menjadi juara 3 Mawapres tingkat fakultas ini. (Ard)