The Importance of Consistency or Istiqomah

‘Morning time is very good for us to refresh our knowledge especially on religious matters for they will open our minds.’

That was the message delivered by Sukardi as he was speaking at a religious address for the lecturers and administration staff of University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) last Saturday (16/04/2016). The event was attended by ustadz or teacher Fahrudin S.Ag. as presenter.

In the monthly program ustadz Fahrudin discussed how to realize one’s determination in accordance with his belief in Allah consistently.

According to him his determination to obey Allah is stated in syahadat or the statement to obey Allah and his messenger prophet Muhammad SAW as the first requirement to be a muslim. Nevertheless, many of them, who have declared the statement, do not obey to conduct Islam’s five prayers consistently. It indicates how difficult it is to accomplish the obligation consistently.

‘That is why to be istiqamah or consistent is important,’ said Fahrudin. ‘For the consistent all his deed and prayers are forms of his faith done only for Allah. All his lifetime activities are under Sunnah or order of the Messenger. Those morals govern the obedient continuously.

Moral is a matter of habit. Once somebody is accustomed to regularly fulfils the call for the deed, he will regret or say innalillahi wainnalillahi rojiun ‘everything belongs to and will be sent to Allah.’ On the contrary, those who disobey will always say dirty words and it is his habit.

Many muslims break their consistency. They think the most important thing is that they die in muslim that is enough. When dying he is able to say lailahaillah ‘No Lord but Allah.’ That is not that easy Fahrudin Added

‘Only those who are consistent will be able to do that die in muslim condition ‘khusnul khotimah,’ he concluded.