The Policy to Replace Minister of Education Post and Its Future

The condition and situation of The United State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), which is marked by political issues, result in replacement of some ministers or cabinet reshuffle including the replacement of minister of education.

According to H. Muhammad Joko Susilo, M.Pd. there has been issues in society that ‘school’ has become guinea pig. Education is not developed but an object of minister’s policy. Amidst the fact, there is also a hope that formal education is still promising said him in a talk show of UAD’s educational experts with the topic Reshuffle of Minister of Education on Jlz 89,5 Radio FM last Friday (12/08/2016).

Considering the educational law no 20 Year 2005, chapter I article 1 which says that education is intentionally planned effort to create learning atmosphere and the process of instruction to develop the learners’ potentials actively in mastering spiritual and religious capacity, good morals and necessary skills for themselves, their society, nation, and state.


According to Joko Susilo, we have to create learning atmospheres, and good instructions. Learning atmospheres can be achieved through good environments (family, school, society)

Menurut Joko Susilo, yang harus dibangun dalam pendidikan adalah suasana belajar, proses pembelajaran, which make it possible for the learners to develop their self-esteem. While the good instruction is related to the teachers, school equipment for the process.

‘Everything should be considered and carefully planned to produce effective educational policy to solve the problem. The change of educational post should be considered positively,’ said the head of Biology Education of Faculty of Teachers’ Training and Education University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD).

The lecturer, who is also a consultant of school development, added that new ideas are not meant to present problems neither to consider priority scale only but they should be seen carefully from different aspects.

For him cabinet reshuffle is not a problem but it presents hopes for betterment. And it is a part of human effort to improve himself, his social life, and carry out his task as khalifah  or representation of Allah on the earth.(Dok)