The Youth Friendship of Muhammadiyah Held T2

Organization and Administration Training or T2 is one of working programs of the youth friendship of Muhammadiyah commissariat Faculty of Islamic Education and Teacher Training University of Ahmad Dahlan ( PK IMM TDI UAD).

After two successive activities (Rihlah IMM and Sponsorship Training) in accordance with Gelora IMM TDI, T2 was held at ITC (Information Technology Center) UAD on Kapas Street, Semaki, on the third Monday (3/3/2016)

Satria Majid Jatmiko and Imam Wildan Muttaqin from Djasman Al Kindi Muhammadiyah Board of Chiefs of Yogyakarta (PC) IMM presented organization and administration as they were invited to refresh cadres’ understanding on those matters.

While the trainees were 50 IMM TDI cadres from each commissariat of the youth friendship of Muhammadiyah in UAD.

During the training the participants actively followed the guidance from the presenters by practicing how to run the organization well. The event was supported by facilities such as computer and language laboratories especially for Administration training.

‘T2 program aims at training the students so that they understand and are well trained in organization as well as in administration matters well. As they are essential for the development of the organization at campus,’ said Abdurrabi Faqihuddin as the chief of committee in his opening speech. (AKN)