Timor Leste’s Representatives of Environmental Ministry Visited UAD

Accompanied by members of Smile Group Yogyakarta, three representatives of Environmental Ministry of Timor Leste (MCIA) visited University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD). In their visit, they inspected the Calibration and Testing Laboratory (LKU) on Friday (26/08/2016)

Margi Sasono, M.Si., the director of Quality Assurance, explained the advantage and the working procedure in calibration.

‘All medical instruments should be calibrated to meet the standard of quality. The instruments used by an institution such as hospitals, pharmacological laboratories, natural science laboratories and so on should be standardized.’ Said Margi.

LKU’s mission is that it becomes a reputed institution in providing calibration services and is able to provide quality academic and medical necessity for public.

Meanwhile the mission is to carry out quality managerial system for the laboratory based on SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2008; to develop competent human resources in the field; and to develop calibration for environmental development in academic, industry as well as medical fields.

Dr. Ernesto Montiero, M.T. the chief of the delegates said that the visit was interesting and was pleased for the warm welcome by UAD.