To Improve the Role Pharmacist Faculty of Pharmacy Held an International Conference

Faculty of Pharmacy University of Ahmad dahlan (FF UAD) held an International Concerence on Interpersonal Education (ICIPE) on Saturday (21/05/2016) in Yogyakarta. The theme of conference was Educational Implementation of Inter-professionals as Important Step towards Collaboration with Other Health Professionals. The keynote speaker was Roderick Salenga (National Professional Officer, WHO Philippines) and Sidin Hariyanyp (Health Human- Resources Development and Empowerment – The Ministry of Health).   

Five other speakers were Imelda G Pena (University of Philippines), Mathiou S Bolhuis (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), Werayut Pothitirat (university of Siam, Thailand), Moch Saiful Bachri and Endang Darmawan FF UAD.

‘We purposely invited speakers from different expertise in pharmacy to present needed elements for collaboration with different health professionals especially pharmacists,’ said the dean of FF UAD, Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, M.Si. Ph.D. Apt. in her opening speech.

 According to Dyah ICIPE is an initial collaboration among health professionals including pharmacists. Furthermore, she said that Interpersonal Education (IPE) is health education to be developed in future. This program is an overall learning process involving various disciplines in health to learn together, to interact each other, to collaborate for promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative actions.

World Health Organization (WHO) decreed that IPE be carried out by two or more health professionals in collaboration to effectively improve health achievements. IPE aims at improving health human resources’ capacity, knowledge, expertise, and ethics. In Indonesia IPE still needs socialization for all health educational institutions.

Roderick Salenga said in his paper that it was importance for pharmacists to collaborate with other health professionals in their practice to improve health achievement to serve patients. With active participation of pharmacists in health service, there will be more chances to eliminate malpractice in pharmacotherapy, giving medicines, safety, and costs.

The event was officially opened by rector of UAD Dr. Kasiyarno, M.hum and marked with tuning of gong.