Two Failures Lead to the Best

Although she failed to enter a state university twice, Ana Rahmawati Wibowo was not discouraged to continue her study. Getting information about University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta from her friend, she won a grant for 8 semester scholarship at it. The trust and the ease were compensated for great achievement by the student of developmental economics. Her GPA was 3.94 the highest among the graduates in March 2016 graduation.

‘Frankly speaking, I knew nothing about UAD at that time. I used to concentrate to becoming a state university student. But Allah decides my destiny. This university deserves her best home place,’ said her hospitably as she was interviewed.

UAD’s scholarship granted to a Bantul girl challenged her to finish the study punctually. Ana was engaged in various university organization such as Muhammadiyah University Student Association (IMM), Student Executive Boad (BEM) and Student Legislative Board (DPM). Moreover, she, who was born on April 24th 1994, is currently a chief of youth organization in her home country.

Being active in various organizations, she benefited from getting extra knowledge not provided in formal classes.

‘I learn much about anything from these organizations through discussions with organization and society members,’ she said slackly when questioned at the rectorate office Thusday (17/3/2016). She feels she is not hampered by organizations but she is inspired to learn more and manage time wisely.

From her childhood, daughter of the couple of Dalhari and Painten, is accustomed to be independent. To get extra money, she works as a tutor as well as sells mobile balance. She believes whatever she does needs full concentration piety.

She considers the scholarship as ‘There is no free lunch.’ It requires hard work, fortitude, and the most important prayers. The youngest of three brothers keenly practices fasting a habit, which is rare among her fellow students besides doing Sunnah prayers as characterized by the Messenger – Rasulullah.

As the highest rank graduate, she suggests that students be diligent, be members of organizations and manage time wisely. If there is a chance they should find more experiences outside the campus.

“UAD is like a rainbow, one can find more experiences here. Thanks for our lectures especially those lectures at developmental economics department. Thanks UAD for the knowledge,’ she closed the interview.