UAD Alumni Obtained S2 Scholarship

The Alumni of Featured Based Teacher Program (PGBU) of Biology Education Study Program, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Ahmad Dahlan University (P.Bio FKIP UAD) successfully obtained S2 scholarships to study at domestic and overseas. They were Parni Astuti, S.Pd., Muhammad Aziz, S.Pd., and Nesya Arantika D, S.Pd. who successfully got scholarship to study in Tiongkok.

Reported in official web, those alumni joined the Scholarship selection from Fund Management Institution of Education (LPDP), Ministry of Finance, and Higher Education Institution. they managed to get scholarship to continue their study at the college of their choice. The selection of LPDP had been carried out since the beginning of the year and announced on June 11, 2016. This was a hard competition for them because it was followed by the alumni of leading universities in Indonesia.

This proud achievement of PGBU P.Bio Alumni was the effort of the adviser, Irfan Yulianto, M.Sc., a P.Bio lecturer who ever got LPDP scholarship in Australia. He hoped all P.Bio alumni had competitiveness and high competence in the professional world so that they could give contribution to the development of this country.

The featured program of P.Bio was established from the fund of Higher Education Institution of International Standardized Teachers Program (PGBI) which was obtained by FKIP UAD in 2011. Now, this program turned to be PGBU.

One of PGBU alumni who got LPDP scholarship, Muhammad Aziz, S.Pd., felt grateful, relieved, and glad for he successfully passed the hard and difficult process of selection. He was able to overcome those obstacles because of knowledge, skills and experience he got from PGBU class.

“Lecturers and alumni of PGBU had worked hard hand in hand to obtain this achievement” said Trikinasih Handayani, M.Si., the dean of FKIP UAD.

The head of P.Bio Study Program, M. Joko Susilo, M.Pd. expeted this achievement could encourage senior students to get the same achievement even more. P.Bio Study Program would attempt innovative strategy to equip its alumni to be capable in facing upcoming era which is more challenging.   

UAD regularly carried out program of workshop and coaching with the advisers, alumni, dean and head of study program. This program was one of cooperative manifestation among all elements in FKIP UAD.