UAD IJECE is Selected as the Best Journal of Sinta 1

The International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) is awarded with a title of the best journal of Sinta 1. Sinta or Science and Technology Index is a web-based system owned by Kemenristekdikti to rank universities and non-universities, map lecturer/researcher expertise, and rank the performance of both national and international journals in Indonesia.

Sinta Award 2018 was organized by Kemenristekdikti in Jakarta (4/7/2018) as an appreciation to the efforts made to improve the quality of publication and scientific journal in Indonesia.

Previously, UAD was also awarded as the best private university based on the rank made by Sinta with a score of 11,306. UAD exceeds several well-renowned public universities in Indonesia. On the national level, UAD is ranked 10th in the category of private and public universities, and ranked 11th if the category of non-universities is included.

In 2017, Jurnal Telkomnika UAD also achieved an award by Kemenristekdikti on the celebration of National Technology Awakening Day in Makassar. (ard)