UAD I’tikaf Program of Ramadhan 1437 H


The time passed as Ramadhan come to the end. Everyone has attempted to do good deed seeking Allah reward (pahala) for their provisions in the hereafter.

Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) as Islamic higher education has facilitated some Islamic studies during this Ramadhan.

Referring to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW, UAD is going to carry out I’tikaf program in the last ten days of Ramadhan, on Saturday to Sunday (25/6-3/7/2016) in UAD Islamic Center, South Ring-road street, Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Province.

In the I’tikaf program, there will be some agendas like fiqh studies, tafsir studies, tahsin study of al-Quran, and others. There will be also facilities like bedroom, sahur meal, breaking dishes, etc.

UAD will invited some famous ulamas to deliver those Islamic studies. They were Dr. H. Muhammad Amin, Lc., M.A., Prof. Dr. H. Syamsul Anwar, M.A., Dr. H. Khoiruddin Bashori, M.Si., and others

For those who live in Yogyakarta special province (DIY) and surrounding are invited to participate in this program. Let us attempt to save more pahala in this Ramadhan. (AKN)