UAD Students Presented Enggang Dance and Indonesian Martial Arts Performance in Thailand

Saturday (18/06/2016), University of Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) sent 10 students and 2 officials at International Cultural Camp in Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) Thailand. They presented Enggang dance and Indonesian Martial Arts performance.

The occasion was made to learn Pha Khoo Ma a Thai traditional dance by the delegates to the Martial arts and Culture Camp.

‘They also learned how to sew, enjoyed the ways of life by staying with local families in Baan Taanprasart. Moreover, they also learned how to prepare Thai traditional food, painted traditional cloth and made handicraft,’ said the head of International Affairs UAD, Ida Puspita, M.A. Res. as she was interviewed at the UAD’s meeting room, Monday (27/06/2016)

Ida Puspita said UAD participation in the event was an implementation of MoU between the two Universities. SUT did the same thing in 2015. So this was the mutual visit.

There were two sessions in the event i.e. The 3rd International ASEAN Culture Camp (ISAAN) dan The 2nd International Martial Art and Culture Camp (Muay Thai). A team took part in some activities such as visiting Pimai Hictorical Park, Hanging Park, and boxing camps to see how the boxers make exercises.

‘Moreover, they also learned Wai Kru Dance, i.e. welcoming dance and exercised 30 Muay Thai techniques. At the end of the program the participants presented what they have learned,’ said Ida Puspita.