UMKT Kesling Cooperates with UAD

A total of 20 D3 students of Environmental Health (Kesling) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Kalimantan Timur (UMKT) attended the Occupational Health and Safety (K3) training in Yogyakarta (4-5 / 9/2018). This activity is in collaboration with K3 Center of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta.

The Head of UMKT Kesling Study Program, Ratna Yuliawati S.K.M., M.Kes. Epid., shared her expectation for students to have superior competence, especially as sanitarian experts.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Rifai, S.K.M., M.Sc., the Chairperson of K3 Specialization of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) UAD, stated that the participants were provided with knowledge and skills in K3 field and obtained SKPI to be utilized after they graduate and used in the workforce. On that occasion, Rifai was present with DR. Ir. Widodo Hariyono., M.Kes., the Head of UAD K3 Center.

"These days, K3 skill has become a necessity both in the industrial or non-industrial, private or governmental fields. One of the reasons for the importance of implementing K3 is to protect workers in an effort to prevent work accidents, occupational diseases, fires, property losses, and so on. "

In addition to the training, there will be cooperation between UMKT Kesling with UAD K3 Center. This cooperation aims to improve students' understanding and quality related to K3. (doc / ard)